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WAO (Wrong Answers Only)

A cooperative party game by Federico Latini for 2 to 7 players of age 8 and up about keeping answering only wrong answers and hoping the collective wisdom doesn’t betray you...

Board game
  • Federico Latini
  • Party Game
  • Trivia
  • Simultaneous Action
  • Bidding
  • WAO (wrong answers only) is a coop party game for 2 to 7 players, rounds after rounds players try to guess wrongly all the questions, but it's not that easy because not only they must aswer wrongly all the questions as individual players, even the mean of all answers must be wrong, and sometimes the collective wisdom can betray you... So far so good... but how can players do the average of their answers without having to do complex math (sum, divisions, and rounding)? Here is when the toy factor kicks in: players vote simutaneously by palming a math rod in their hands, on reveal they put those plastic pieces side by side and use a ruler to mathemagically determine the average of their answers. It's all visual and on the table, no math involved, just the suspance of measuring the train of answers to find out if they can go on playing another round.